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North and South – Nordic and Mediterranean Diets Benefit Health

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Most people are aware of the beneficial affects of the Mediterranean diet in promoting good health but until now the Nordic diet has been seen as a bit of a fad made popular by restaurants like NOMA in Copenhagen. However, a recently published report by the World Health Organisation confirms that the Nordic diet is effective in warding off cardiovascular …

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Exercise may increase breast cancer survival

In Breast Cancer Risks, Lifestyle, Research, Spotlight by Karina Cox

Exercise may increase breast cancer survival and improve symptoms of fatigue after breast cancer treatment. The Australian Exercise for Health trials presented their work at the 2017 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and showed that an individually – prescribed and monitored exercise programme started during breast cancer treatment and continued for 8 months improved overall survival in women less than …

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Acupuncture helps joint pain

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Acupuncture helps joint pain in women taking hormone therapy after breast cancer At the recent San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in the US, Dr Dawn Hershman from Columbia University, New York presented the interesting results of her study. She and her team looked at the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for the often severe joint pains that can accompany …

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Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Risk

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A group from Spain (MCC – Spain) have found a possible link between breast cancer risk and vitamin D (25-OH-vitamin D) levels in the blood. Vitamin D has been shown to protect against colorectal cancer but the connection between breast cancer risk and vitamin D levels is less clear. The Spanish group presented their results at the recent San Antonio …