Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Women require cosmetic breast surgery for many reasons. Whether to reduce or increase the size of the breast, or to rectify previous surgery, we can help.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

As they go through puberty, some women notice that their breasts fail to develop equally and have a significant size difference.

Small Breasts

Sometimes the smaller breast has a different shape. It is normal to have some mild asymmetry between the breasts but when a big difference exists it can have a very negative impact on a young woman’s confidence. This problem can be corrected surgically with the help of an implant to make the breasts symmetrical.

Large Breasts

Other women find that the large size of their breasts causes them discomfort and this stops them being able to exercise as they wish. They may also feel self-conscious and have to choose their clothes carefully. Large breasts can be surgically reduced in size by an operation called a reduction mammoplasty.


The implants used for cosmetic augmentation can sometimes fail, even those made by a reputable manufacturer. When this happens, removal of the failed implant and scar tissue (capsule) and replacement with a new implant is recommended to restore the cosmetic appearance of the breast.