One Stop Breast Clinic

We understand you may feel anxious but we aim to make our one stop breast clinic as friendly and welcoming as possible.

One Stop Breast Clinic

We aim to make the clinic appointment as friendly and relaxed as possible and you are welcome to bring along a friend or a family member.

On arrival, you will be asked to sit in the waiting area. A nurse will then bring you to the consultation room. Karina will ask you relevant questions about your concerns as well as your general medical health. She will then ask you to remove your top so that she can examine you. Following the examination, Karina will advise you whether you need a mammogram and/ or an ultrasound of your breasts. We recommend that all women above the age of 35 should have a mammogram if they have a new breast symptom.

You will then be guided to the radiology department to have your tests. An experienced consultant breast radiologist performs the ultrasound as well as interpreting your mammograms. If you are over the age of 25 and have a breast lump seen on mammogram or ultrasound we will perform a biopsy to ensure a correct diagnosis is made. We will also drain fluid from a cyst if requested. Sometimes, we advise biopsies of lumps in younger women if the diagnosis cannot be made on ultrasound alone.

After you have been to the radiology department you will return to Karina to talk about the findings. If a biopsy has been performed it will be sent to a consultant pathologist for analysis. You will then be given another appointment to return for the results of the biopsy. Occasionally, Karina may recommend another test such as a breast MRI scan or a mammographic biopsy but this will be discussed with you in detail before you leave the clinic.

The majority of people attending a breast ‘one-stop’ clinic leave with a diagnosis of benign breast disease and are reassured.