How to Examine your Breasts

Check your breasts every month for changes and abnormalities, making sure you feel up into the armpit.


It is probably a good idea to set aside a bit of time every month to check your breasts.

Women of all ages should be 'breast aware' and get to know their breasts and what is normal for them.

We recommend that just before a bath or a shower, you should ideally stand before a mirror and look at the outline of the breasts. Then, slowly raise your hands above your head to make sure that the contours of the breast remain smooth and there is no dimpling or tethering of the skin. Whilst washing, use soap or shower gel on your hands and feel the breast tissue as you wash.

Try to gently massage all areas of the breast with small circular movements and ensure that you also feel up into the armpit on both sides as the breast extends into that area too. Raising your arm helps with this part of the examination. Don't forget to inspect your nipples for rashes and keep an eye on the inside of your bra or your nightclothes for spontaneous nipple discharge.